Should An Entrepreneur Hire A Bookkeeper or Accountant?


The Difference Between Accountants & Bookkeepers

Accountancy BookkeepingThis is a question that every new entrepreneur considers at one time. It is an important decision especially for the entrepreneur who is used to wearing many hats and is unaccustomed to delegating responsibilities that go with a startup or small business.

The first place to begin in considering this question is to be sure you understand the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper. There are several types of accountants but they all have taken classes in accounting and are certified at different levels. So, one distinction between an accountant and a bookkeeper is their level of education and training.

Many bookkeepers also have some amount of general education in the basics of bookkeeping and perhaps a few accounting courses. However, bookkeeping skills do not take as long to develop as do accounting skills.

Bookkeepers and accountants provide very different functions and both provide the best service when they work together in a coordinated entry system. An accountant is an expert analyst. Accountants can analyse financial statements including profit and loss statements, balance sheets and budgets and can offer analytical advice to the entrepreneur.
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How Can A Healthy Lunch Help Workers?


The Importance Of Eating A Healthy Lunch

Working LunchDieticians are advocating the many physical and psychological benefits of eating a healthy lunch every day. With the pace of business today, it is the all-important lunch that has suffered the most and Brits are paying the consequences in terms of health, job performance and weight.

Dieticians today have a different take on proper eating habits. While many favour periodic healthy meals during the day, just about all favour a protein rich breakfast and a hardy luncheon.

A recent study indicates that 33 percent of workers eat lunch at their desk, presumably to ensure they can leave work on time. In fact, quite the opposite occurs. A luncheon break is one of the most productive breaks a worker can take. It allows the diner to socialise, refresh the mind and nourish the brain with food, oxygen and water that will result in a stronger afternoon performance.
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Key Information For Refurbishing Your Premises


Why Should I Consider Refurbishing?


There are many different reasons why your business may be considering a refurbishment but we’ve bullet pointed a selection to help inspire you and keep you focused on what a refurbishment is really about- your business.

  • To compliment a rebrand
  • To change the layout of flow of your space
  • To update fixtures and fittings with a refit
  • If your business has grown and you need more space
  • To maintain or update health and safety and security
  • You may want bigger premises to facilitate future growth
  • It can increase employee output
  • It promotes efficient use of space
  • It can establish a good company image

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Business Parks In Oxfordshire


Business Parks In Oxfordshire

Oxford Commercial PropertyBusiness parks in Oxfordshire share a similar philosophy, which is to create a community and environment where tenants can succeed and grow. At the Milton Park and Cherwell Innovation Centre, this theme has led to strong occupancy rates and some pretty exciting developments.

Milton Park

More than 200 enterprises and 6,800 employees work and thrive in the carefully constructed and wonderfully maintained Milton Park. Milton Park is one of the largest commercial parks in the region. With more than 90 buildings, the park accommodates business of all sizes, including several startups.
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Winter Productivity: The Benefits of Cloud Computing


The Benefits of Cloud Computing This Winter

Cloud Technology WinterWith winters in the UK getting worse, businesses are suffering due to their workforces finding it more and more difficult to make it into the office. We do not yet have the necessary support on the roads to keep them clear year-round, although this is a commitment that the government is slowly getting to grips with each year. Even as this awareness improves, there will undoubtedly still be problems for people getting to work across the nation.

So what can be done to combat the millions of pounds lost each year to the bad weather?

One solution is to ensure that your workforce is able to log in and complete a day’s work at home if necessary. Although each person’s living arrangements are different and some may find it easier than others, it is of amazing benefit to ensure that your workforce can log in to critical business systems and databases from their own living room or study. To have access to essential information and critical tools from a laptop or desktop computer at home provides a great opportunity to be flexible.
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Office Design: Essential in Developing a Successful Business


Much To Gain With A New Office Design

Office InteriorToday’s business interiors must be highly efficient, conducive to high productivity, interesting, airy, open and technology friendly. Interior design is evolving and incorporating sustainability and energy efficiency into new or renovated space can represent a sizable investment so there is great emphasis on designing an enduring model.

Employees want to feel a sense of pride in the space in which they work. They want to be able to contribute. Employees want visitors to be impressed and they want their workspace to reflect the enterprise’s work ethic. Businesses have much to gain with innovative designs.

Matt Blain is the principal in the USA-based small business office interior design firm, Hassell. His company won the World Architecture Award at the INSIDE Festival held in Singapore. Hassell won the competition with its design of the advertising firm Clemenger BBDO, a 750 square metre Sydney enterprise.

Blain strongly recommends that designers and management spend time with employees determining what they expect in their new workspace, and also suggests that a certain amount of prominent space be designated to meet employee expectations.

Below is a summary of his comments following receipt of the company’s award.
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Growing Or Starting A Business In A Tight Credit Market


officeUK SME’s and startups have been stressed since the outset of the recession. Government initiatives like Project Merlin and the Funding for Lending Scheme have fallen woefully short of meeting the finance needs of small and startup enterprises. It is no wonder that the employment dilemma is prolonged and tenuous.

In the UK, there are 4.8 million SME’s. These companies employ more than 60 percent of the workforce and represent 50 percent of the country’s GDP. How can the economy truly recover if small business growth is curtailed?

The banking sector in the UK is sitting on assets amounting to 492 percent of the UK’s Gross Domestic Product. No matter how you view this situation, UK banking is too big to imagine, much less be productive. And, in this grotesque largesse, banks continue to turn away applications for funding for viable small enterprises and just about all startups. In this sense, our banks are working against society.

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