What is the Best Temperature for a Good Night’s Sleep?


To stay healthy, productive, and enjoy the benefits of a good lifestyle, we all need our sleep. In today’s pattern of constant distractions in the form of mobile communications, social media, events and remote working; getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging.

Sleeping CatWhile a flawless night’s sleep can often be difficult to achieve, one thing is certain: when we don’t sleep properly, we don’t function properly.

Whether you’re worrying about an important meeting or an exam, you need to give your body the best possible chance of getting in a night’s rest. In both summer and winter it can be challenging to achieve the right temperature in your bedroom, and rising energy costs have placed further limitations on many people.

The Right Room Temperature

If you want to learn how to sleep better, go to the professionals. The American health site, WebMd, has a fascinating article about improving your sleep habit. It starts by addressing a mistake that most of us make: not setting the room temperature to body’s optimum comfort level.

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Winter Productivity: The Benefits of Cloud Computing


The Benefits of Cloud Computing This Winter

Cloud Technology WinterWith winters in the UK getting worse, businesses are suffering due to their workforces finding it more and more difficult to make it into the office. We do not yet have the necessary support on the roads to keep them clear year-round, although this is a commitment that the government is slowly getting to grips with each year. Even as this awareness improves, there will undoubtedly still be problems for people getting to work across the nation.

So what can be done to combat the millions of pounds lost each year to the bad weather?

One solution is to ensure that your workforce is able to log in and complete a day’s work at home if necessary. Although each person’s living arrangements are different and some may find it easier than others, it is of amazing benefit to ensure that your workforce can log in to critical business systems and databases from their own living room or study. To have access to essential information and critical tools from a laptop or desktop computer at home provides a great opportunity to be flexible.
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Oracle Specialises in Whole Enterprise IT Solutions


oracle cloudOracle is a high profile producer of hardware and software products. One hundred of the Fortune 100 companies use Oracle products. Companies that understand the full range of Oracle offerings recognize that Oracle has further reach and broader appeal than IBM, SAP and Microsoft.

Oracle software products range from operating systems to highly specialised management software, database and information management, middleware, business intelligence and enterprise performance software as well as general-purpose business applications, including:

  • Financials
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications

Oracle is also a specialist in customer support for both the public and private sector. What Oracle does not do is perform general consulting services like Systems Integrator and Accenture. Oracle consultants specialise in implementation of Oracle systems exclusively.
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