Developing Small Business Leadership Skills


Developing Small Business Leadership Skills

Business LeadershipThe leader of a small business must be prepared to wear many hats, even after the business grows. Small business management is a demanding pursuit that requires outstanding management skills in every aspect of the enterprise. From personnel management to marketing to bookkeeping to logistics and strategising, the small business manager must have his or her finger on the pulse of every element of the business at all times.

Time is the most precious of commodities for small business leaders. This puts tremendous pressure on the successful small business owner to become an excellent time manager. Not only must the leader manage their own schedule but he or she will quickly learn how to manage the time of key workers. Small business leaders never forget that time is money.

The small business leader’s time management skills can determine the growth and fate of the enterprise. When good time management skills are missing, running a small business can be an overwhelming endeavour. On the other hand, small business leaders with strong time management skills give employees and customers confidence that the organisation is viable and a good place with which to do business.
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Productivity and Air Conditioning: The Facts


How Temperature Impacts Productivity

Office TemperatureScience and researchers agree that a temperature-controlled workplace is a happier, more productive environment than a workplace that is stuffy and overheated.

In fact, the statistics regarding workplace efficiency and heating and cooling can best be described as staggering. To put a definitive, quantitative figure on the cost of working in closed workspaces that are improperly cooled, the Office of National Statistics reports that UK employers suffer no less than £19.3 million in in lost productivity every summer by workers performing in workplaces that are unsuitably cooled.

In fairness, it costs money to cool the workplace. But, with today’s refrigeration equipment and maintenance capabilities, the balance tips toward installing new equipment and maintaining it properly than suffering yet one more unproductive Summer. Outdated HVAC systems not only slow productivity, but they contribute to the company’s sick days and time lost. With today’s equipment and skilled technicians, this lost time and lost productivity can be easily rectified.
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