Mediation: An Effective Alternative To Court


Mediation ServicesMediators are persons who intercede in conflicts and negotiate an alternative to litigation. With the rising cost of litigation, mediation has become a popular way to resolve conflicts in the last decade.

Mediators participate in business, civil and divorce disputes. The details of these settlements can vary greatly but the overall mediation process is similar in all three endeavours.

Mediation is based upon both parties executing a binding agreement to avoid court by allowing an independent third party to resolve existing differences. Each side of the dispute must provide the mediator with a written summary of the core issues and a summary of where the negotiations stand to date.

Mediation saves time, money, effort and valuable resources. Many times mediation becomes necessary because the legal representatives of the parties are too vested in their positions, which become entrenched in the process. The independent third party can offer a fresh perspective on the negotiations.
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