How Can A Healthy Lunch Help Workers?


The Importance Of Eating A Healthy Lunch

Working LunchDieticians are advocating the many physical and psychological benefits of eating a healthy lunch every day. With the pace of business today, it is the all-important lunch that has suffered the most and Brits are paying the consequences in terms of health, job performance and weight.

Dieticians today have a different take on proper eating habits. While many favour periodic healthy meals during the day, just about all favour a protein rich breakfast and a hardy luncheon.

A recent study indicates that 33 percent of workers eat lunch at their desk, presumably to ensure they can leave work on time. In fact, quite the opposite occurs. A luncheon break is one of the most productive breaks a worker can take. It allows the diner to socialise, refresh the mind and nourish the brain with food, oxygen and water that will result in a stronger afternoon performance.
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