Business Parks In Oxfordshire


Business Parks In Oxfordshire

Oxford Commercial PropertyBusiness parks in Oxfordshire share a similar philosophy, which is to create a community and environment where tenants can succeed and grow. At the Milton Park and Cherwell Innovation Centre, this theme has led to strong occupancy rates and some pretty exciting developments.

Milton Park

More than 200 enterprises and 6,800 employees work and thrive in the carefully constructed and wonderfully maintained Milton Park. Milton Park is one of the largest commercial parks in the region. With more than 90 buildings, the park accommodates business of all sizes, including several startups.

The Milton Park owners take a personal interest in meeting the needs of its many tenants. The philosophy is clear; if you like where you work, you will be more productive. Milton Park provides a host of amenities designed to be energy and environmentally conscious and to encourage the workforce to act accordingly. Workers at Milton Park enjoy 25 carefully maintained urban gardens, a number of urban walks, 5 water lagoons and more than 1 million plants and flowers located on the park grounds.

Milton park yields 0 percent landfill waste, encourages a car share scheme, provides electric car chargers and offers free cycle hire. The Milton Park buses are fuelled by vegetable oil.

But, a terrific environment in which to work, think and prosper is not enough. The park retains a staff of more than 50 onsite management and maintenance professionals dedicated to tending to large and small tenant needs. More importantly, upper management is anxious to please with flexible lease terms and flexible space allocations.

The theme at Milton Park is that, “Whoever you are, whatever you do, there’s a place here for you at Milton Park.” When it comes to pleasing businesses, Milton Park management has vast experience. The park has been under constant development for the last 28 years. Milton Park has the reputation of a park where businesses grow. In 2012, 13 percent of the existing tenants moved to larger space inside the park.

Milton Park is one commercial building community that has a successful model and could serve other developers well to simulate.

Oxford Business Park

Oxford Business Park is one of the most important business centres in Oxfordshire, and has a strong reputation. Currently, there are approximately 5,500 people at the park, perfectly representing Oxford’s thriving local economy. There is a mixture of global corporations and SMEs making use of the good location, ideal access, and innovative modern spaces.

Oxford Business Park has 88 acres of office amenity. According to their website, “with 77% built or committed, there remains 12.5 acres of land for bespoke office space together with existing space from 869 sq ft.”

One of the most recognisable aspects of Oxford Business Park is its impressive landscaping. Hundreds of meticulously planted trees and shrubs provide much-needed greenery, and there are a number of water features, pathways, and tracks.

Security is paramount at all business parks, and this one is no different. With round-the-clock CCTV and security, units are well covered.

Cherwell Innovation Centre

Cherwell Innovation Centre is located in Upper Heyford near Bicester. The facility offers flexible office space, fully serviced space and lab space for businesses of all sizes. The centre is situated on the historic RAF Heyford air base, which was also used by the US Air Forces Strategic Air Command.

Some businesses at Cherwell use the hangars and airfields. With the support of the North Oxfordshire Consortium and Cherwell District Council, one of the buildings was opened as the Innovation Centre in 1998. A second building was opened in November 2001. Cherwell Innovation Centre has been serving businesses ever since.

In 2003, the centre added the Diagn0x Laboratory, a fully equipped and managed laboratory and office building. Businesses with research and especially Bio Technology research concerns have migrated to the centre. For this research, the Cherwell Innovation Centre has proven to be an efficient, cost-effective facility.

Cherwell subscribes to the theory that success breeds success. The laboratory has added another dimension to Cherwell Centre as new startups are gravitating to the facility. Heyford Park has been transformed into a growing business site.

Most businesses at Cherwell are science or technology based but there are exceptions. The rural location has helped attract new enterprises as the Centre plays an important role in the north Oxfordshire ecosystem. Currently, more than 40 companies occupy the centre. Most business range from one to 25 employees. Serviced offices and laboratory space are available on short-term leases.

Oxfordshire is a great place for businesses. With a vibrant local economy there is plenty of opportunity to do well, and with a plenty of business parks and office space welcoming new tenants, Oxfordshire could be the ideal location for your business.

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