Develop Your Business In The Cloud


Cloud Computing and SAAS – Helping Your Business Stay Ahead of the Game

Cloud Computing for businessThe competitive world of technology is producing a seemingly endless array of spectacular products that bring people and businesses together from faraway locations. The amount of information processed over the Internet in one hour is mind boggling for those of us who once shunned the compute and who cannot live without it now. Those days are gone.

Computing hardware and software development makes big strides every day. Of course, businesses cannot change the way they operate overnight. However, that does not mean there is not a better way of managing money, managing a business, managing marketing and research projects. There are certainly new products that are even more efficient and functional than the products we currently use.

Cloud Computing: Where It’s At!

In the last few years, one of the major computing developments for business is something most business leaders have heard of – cloud computing. This is a general term to describe anything that involves delivering hosted IT applications over the Internet (web-based). All the business or individual needs to enter the world of cloud computing is a personal computer and an Internet connection. For small businesses, of which 71% do not have an in-house IT professional, cloud computing gives the business access to the latest technology in a very usable and controlled environment.

UK cloud computing companies are now hosting various applications for numerous governments departments. The benefits are not only cost effective but also allow reliable access to what used to be web-based programs from anywhere in the world. The London borough of Ealing saved over £50,000 in their first year of cloud computing.

Cloud computing helps reduce the carbon footprint and is available 24/7. Full service system upgrades are performed remotely end in most cases any training can be delivered through the Internet.

Software as a Service

Another term that many UK business owners will know is Software as a Service (SaaS). Software as a Service can apply to all firms participating in the cloud environment and utilising web-based applications for their business processes.

The most important benefits of Cloud Computing and SAAS capabilities are:

  • Reduced costs
  • Low setup fees
  • Increased storage
  • Security
  • The ability to stay current with technology
  • Seamless 24/7 access
  • Mobile actions. Access from anywhere on the planet.

Your business can save money, improve consistency and become more efficient with cloud computing and its many options. There are a number of vendors that offer these services for very manageable costs, so get in touch with one today to see how the cloud can impact your business.

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