Oracle Specialises in Whole Enterprise IT Solutions


oracle cloudOracle is a high profile producer of hardware and software products. One hundred of the Fortune 100 companies use Oracle products. Companies that understand the full range of Oracle offerings recognize that Oracle has further reach and broader appeal than IBM, SAP and Microsoft.

Oracle software products range from operating systems to highly specialised management software, database and information management, middleware, business intelligence and enterprise performance software as well as general-purpose business applications, including:

  • Financials
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications

Oracle is also a specialist in customer support for both the public and private sector. What Oracle does not do is perform general consulting services like Systems Integrator and Accenture. Oracle consultants specialise in implementation of Oracle systems exclusively.

The Oracle Client Base is Broad

Oracle clients cover both the public and private sectors. Businesses and public agencies large and small rely upon Oracle products although the Oracle sales team clearly concentrates on large enterprises. The Oracle Partner Network is a far-reaching sales network. Oracle has ingeniously built a strong referral network.

Oracles has 390,000 clients across the globe. Oracle products are used in more than 145 countries.

What Oracle Does

Oracles designs and constructs integrated hardware and software programs that operate in the cloud that can be operated in internal or external servers.

Oracle has established a reputation for precision, reliability, security and flexibility. Oracle engineers strive to reduce the complexity of IT implementation and IT management thus reducing operating costs of the systems they manufacture.

Oracle specializes in improved productivity, increased agility and outstanding business intelligence.

Oracle’s open architecture and multiple operating systems that provide clients with unequalled benefits that have made Oracle recognised as the best infrastructure provider in the industry.

Oracle also has a unique view of sustainability and regards it as an extension of the businesses the company services. Oracle imbeds its sustainable practices across an entire organisation. The company works in a n environmental best practices environment and helps businesses create the same environments at their operation centers.        

In efforts to protect the environment, Oracle develops effective waste reduction through highly effective accounting systems and management systems that greatly reduce the amount of hazardous waste. Clients often ask Oracle to design specific sustainable applications and solutions for their needs.

Oracle uses information technology to play a critical role in the measurement, management and reporting of the client’s environmental performance.

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