Business Coaching And Small Business Marketing


customer service coachingBusiness owners and entrepreneurs are turning to business coaching for a variety of reasons. In the profession of business coaching, one size does not fit all. General business solutions can help but business coaching at its best and most effective is a bespoke program.

Small business owners are especially challenged in the current environment. They are struggling to manage tight credit, discover new markets and expand in the face of declining consumer confidence.

One of the great attributes of small business is the flexible nature enterprises can assume. Well-coordinated small businesses can respond to credit challenges with innovative programs. Small businesses can enter new product lines as quickly as they see demand.

Online Customer Service Equally Important

Most importantly, today’s small businesses can excel at in-person and online customer service. Small businesses can use this customer service to achieve high returns on marketing campaigns and to preserve relationships with existing customers.

Customer service is one of the areas of every business that is ongoing. Prior to the recession, many UK retailers had lax customer service protocols. That has changed as competition has increases as the value of each customer is greater.

For small businesses, customer service training cannot be compromised. Management must understand the value of ongoing customer service training and must allocate the time and money to ensure that customers have positive experiences and are treated with uniformity that will ensure they return. This is just as important for online enterprises as well as for brick and mortar businesses.

Coordination Is Imperative

Small businesses that have brick and mortar and online presences must be especially coordinated. Many businesses offer discounts to online buyers that are not available to brick and mortar visitors. The reason is that online cost of sales is generally less than brick and mortar cost of sales.

It is imperative that customer service reps be aware of all discounts available to their clientele and that discounts be administered fairly. This can be challenging. Many businesses that change discounts daily or several times per week must be especially careful to make certain that service reps are aware of all promotions and quote accurate pricing.

Equally important, small businesses must be especially attuned to post customer contact initiatives. Customers should be contacted after a transaction has been completed. Customer exit surveys tell a business a lot about what it is doing correctly and what needs to be improved.

Business coaches work with small businesses to implement professional customer service practices to allow small businesses to aggressively compete in an open marketplace.

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