The Selection of Change Management Providers


change managementChange Management is one of those necessary disciplines that has elements of vagueness but which can define an organisation and set a path for the future. While many change management consultants use different protocols to assess the best change management strategy, the process is actually pretty predictable if the proper formulation is applied.

The place to begin the assessment is to use three basic criteria to determine the need for and the direction for change management implementation.

  • Establish an understanding of the budget.
  • Establish the timeline.
  • Evaluate all existing and necessary resources.

Much like the change management discipline itself, companies recruiting change management companies apply the same considerations to the applicants for the job. Proposals from outside providers should be evaluated with these same three criteria. In fact, these are solid criteria that can be used to make many internal decisions about external providers, from specialised business training consultants to events management companies.

Using Change Management As the Model

Budget – The company must be careful to critically analyse the budget. Is it reasonable? Does the proposal represent a reasonable expense that permits the end result to be meaningful? If the proposal is too low, it may reflect the competency of the bidder. If the proposal is too high, it may reflect a misunderstanding of the needs of the business. No proposal should be ruled out without a close examination of the terms of the proposal and the cost of the project.

Timeline – Does the provider understand the quantity of work and your timeline? This is very often the source of disappointment between buyer and provider. The timeline should be broken down into subsections:

  • Overall timeline
  • Milestone descriptions for each phase
  • Milestone dates for each phase
  • Policy for milestone date adjustments

Timelines are only as effective as the oversight committee insists that they be. If management does not insist upon timeline compliance, these dates can fall by the wayside very quickly.

Resources – Identifying and deploying the full resources of the provider is imperative for management to make the best selection. The section committee must:

  • Identify the total number of resources controlled by the provider.
  • Identify the number of resources for each team.
  • Evaluation of how many resources are directly controlled by the provider vs. resources provided by subcontractors.
  • An understanding of the level of involvement of each resource.

This leaves the most important part of the selection process, the findings evaluation. Every contract should stand on its own two feet and while history does carry weight, it should not be the sole determining factor.

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