Leadership Re-Training is Where Businesses Prosper


leadershipLeadership has become a central theme in the world of business and in the world of politics in 2012. The global economy has proven that many company leaders are ill-prepared to tackle the challenges the next decade will provide. Businesses that rise to the challenge are seeking leadership training that exceeds the standard courses offered by traditional business programs.

Uncertainty in the UK and across the globe, have challenged management in small, medium and large corporations to address their leadership weaknesses. Today’s competitive businesses are forging working relationship with suppliers, competitors and businesses in other specialties to bring new products to market faster than other businesses. This collaborative effort is called open innovation.

Open Innovation Requires A New Leadership Protocol

Open innovation is being embraced by businesses who seek to reduce research and development costs. To participate in open innovation, company leadership must be trained. In the past, the business management philosophy resembled a strategy called closed innovation, whereby the company’s proprietary information only increases or remains current as the company works to stay atop rapidly changing technologies. These technologies can render a company’s research invalid.

Today, many businesses are enrolling staff members in business training programs. These programs are designed to break down in-house barriers and open communication between staff, departments and any elements contributing to the company’s financial success.

Leaders realize that the skills drilled into upper management needs to be re-defined and polished. This requirement applies to both private and public entities and for profit and not-for-profit businesses. Upper management must be able to make swift decisions to compete today. If the staff communication is not fluid, big mistakes can be made very quickly. In this era of period communication, it is extremely important for every business to involve every employee in the corporate purpose.

Corporate Leadership Is On the Mend

This new trend is a reversal of form. In the past, most businesses felt the less the general workforce knew, the better. Today, successful businesses are appealing to their workforce to understand the common goals and to be involved in every aspect of the company’s future.

Businesses are now training their upper level staff to interact with the entire workforce and to listen to internal and external observations that can affect productivity and product development. This transition requires initiative. It also requires management to enroll its staff in training programs that will increase the communication and listening skills of key personnel who can then start re-training the workforce. There are no businesses that cannot benefit from re-energized upper management.


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