Setting Goals for Business Coaching


Business CoachBusiness coaching takes time. Business coaching is a commitment to the sustainability of the business. Business coaching will not succeed without proper goal setting, a worthwhile investment of the busy business owner’s time.

It is easy for the business owner to become distracted. In particular, the small business owner who wears many hats can find many credible reasons to be too busy to invest the necessary time. However, business coaching is often about moving a business from one level to the next. In order to be successful, the business owner must learn to delegate responsibly, often a challenge for the autocratic entrepreneur.

Usually, owners who do not fully trust the business coach are hesitant to commit the time to transform the company. The failure of the owner to imagine life and the business at a higher level can doom business coaching before it begins. Only managers who are committed to progress, innovation and change should use business coaches.

Benefits of Goal Setting

Identifying The Positives

Many business owners are so consumed in day-to-day operations or sales that they lose sight of the bigger picture and the company’s full potential. Today’s successful businesspersons look at the recession and see opportunities. Seeing opportunities and capitalizing on them can mean transforming a dated business model into something more constructive.

Rekindling The Passion

Exiting goals usually rekindle the entrepreneur’s vision and passion. Behind every good business are a motivated owner and a motivated team of co-workers. Business coaches are excellent motivators and deploy a number of tools to rebuild the spirit needed to survive and prosper today.

Raising The Bar

One of the more important components of solid goal setting is new company goals or raising the bar of achievement. There are many ways to improve a business, including expanding reach, increasing production, improving efficiency. Every business offers a different way to improve performance. There are very few businesses that cannot improve.

Bigger Results

More sales, stronger output, increased distribution and broader marketing can work but not without proper planning and training. Business coaches have experience is addressing each of these disciplines in today’s economy. Business owners should not be afraid to set lofty goals in these areas. They do not all have to be at the same time.

Long-term goal setting is as important as short-term goal setting. Business coaches will assist with quantitative goal setting as well as with business culture goal setting.

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